We currently have three fleetlists on our site. Stagecoach UK, First UK and East Yorkshire Motor Services.

THESE fleetlists are maintained by you our users. The Stagecoach fleetlist is by far the most accurate and up-to date, however, with the constantly changing fleets, they are constantly becoming out-dated.

A Stagecoach Optare Solo

A Stagecoach Optare Solo

If you have any modifications to any fleet, and feel you can improve the list in any way (sticking to our high standards) please register to become a fleetlist editor.

The only reason we have to ask you to register is to keep the integrity of the site and stop spammers/bots from editing the list.

Please feel free to check out the fleetlists and notify us of any changes.

Use the links at the top of the page, or below, to access the lists:


If you have a fleetlist, you must have as many details as possible, and format it as we do into an excel spreadsheet – then e-mail it to: nathan [@] uk-buses.co.uk


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16 thoughts on “Fleetlists

  1. Re Stagecoach South
    15802 [GX12DXQ] and 15803 [GX12DXR] DO NOT EXIST. GX12DXR is correctly listed as the Reg. No for 10009 and DVLA never registers anything with a Q in it (except odd vehicles of indeterminate age. 10008 and 10009
    have been allocated to Chichester, not Portsmouth, since new (unless by any chance they’ve moved in the last week or so while I’ve not been out much) and none of 10001,10008 or 10009 ever went away for the Olympics,
    although they were indeed scheduled to. Also 20229 [P829FVU] and 20231 [P831FVU] are incorrect. P831FVU is
    correctly recorded as 20831: P829FVU was 20829 (and probably the noisiest bus in Southern England!) but has now been disposed of and is no longer a Syagecoach bus.

  2. 37034-7 confirmed delivered to Stagecoach Manchester’s Hyde Road depot on or just before Friday 13th. They are registered YX63 ZWB-E, but did not wear fleet numbers as of Sunday morning. The first two are for Ashton and the second pair for Stockport. As regards individuals editing entries – surely, that takes editorial control away and leaves the system open for deliberately false info to be posted.


    • Although the arrivals of hybrids 12247 upwards at Sharston are up to date and correct, due to a reliable, internal source, we again have a situation where people have taken allocation cards as gospel, regarding cascades. For instance 19063 was still in service at Hyde Road yesterday, and 19088/9 were noted earlier in the week. Of the 191xx s DUE for transfer to Ashton, most of these have been seen in service at Hyde Road recently, despite the fleet list saying they moved to Ashton as long ago as December. As for 19069, this is a real mystery. Although, rumoured to be expected to transfer to South West, there has been NO reports of it departing Manchester, or arriving at South West (Exeter?) on any of the obvious e-groups. Also, all SCHEDULED cascades/transfers so far have involved Hyde Road and Ashton, albeit that may now change as Sharston’s hybrids are arriving a bit earlier than expected. That said, the entry into service of 12247/8/9/51 has to be balanced by the (temporary?) loss of 12036/109, 19223 and two or three MagicBuses.

      • Still some descrepencies with Sg Manchester. As of yesterday; 12239-43/5/6 were still to enter service at Hyde Road (on CityConnect 50), whilst 12256/7 had not been delivered, let alone entered service at Sharston. As regards planned cascades, 19063 was STILL in service yesterday, and I believe 19089 was sighted earlier this week. 19064/6/7/8 have left for East Scotland whilst, unexpectedly, 19164/5 have gone to Cambridge. At least 19069 is correctly showing as a Wigan bus – 17003 going to Devon instead. The latter will be converted to Open top and run from Exmouth depot. Re-allocations are expected to take place this weekend, and cascades will probably accelerate after another Metrolink Replacement contract is completed next Sunday (23rd). Meanwhile, te rule is the same – don’t go off Fleet Cards, as details can change and timescales are not shown. Go off personal observations

  3. There are some errors on the First list as well, regarding Manchester:

    30875/8 are physically at Bolton, not Bury. However, none of the three for BN (30874/5/8) have entered service yet. 32869/908/12/72 are shown in service at BN. In fact, none of the Presidents cascaded from Glasgow have entered service, and most/all are expected to go to Rusholme by 9th March. Conversely, 32899 is at Bolton (also in prep), and was amongst the first to arrive.

    More query than error – although it was wrongly reported here in November – IS 42946 expected to transfer from Somerset & Avon to Pennine? It is not expected here. Indeed, long expected 42942/3 have failed to materialise.


  4. First Leicester sent W215 XBD (215) 32055 and W216 XBD (216) 32056 to First Potteries also receive these buses at Newcastle 66302- 313 KV02 VVD/E/F/G/H/J/K/L/M/N/O/P.
    66841/49 MX05 CGF/CHC
    KX05 MHY/Z,MJE 66962/63/64.

  5. First Leicester has sent the last three down to First Eastern Counties fleet no 32058/59/64 W218/219/224 XBD.

  6. No new buses at Leicester until maybe next year. First Potteries will be receive these Wright Streetlite Max DF Fleet no 63171 – 63180 at Stoke- on- Trent ADDERLEY GREEN due in Summer 2014.

  7. First Potteries has received new buses from Wright Streetlite Max DF fleet no 63171 – 79 B41F at Addereley Green Depot Stoke- on- Trent.

  8. First Leicester has received 2 single deckers from First Potteries and also First Bristol sent 12 VOLVO B7RLEs. Fleet no 69435/36/49/50/51/52/53/54/55/56/59/60

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