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We currently have three fleetlists on our site. Stagecoach UK, First UK and East Yorkshire Motor Services.

THESE fleetlists are maintained by you our users. The Stagecoach fleetlist is by far the most accurate and up-to date, however, with the constantly changing fleets, they are constantly becoming out-dated.

A Stagecoach Optare Solo

A Stagecoach Optare Solo

If you have any modifications to any fleet, and feel you can improve the list in any way (sticking to our high standards) please register to become a fleetlist editor.

The only reason we have to ask you to register is to keep the integrity of the site and stop spammers/bots from editing the list.

Please feel free to check out the fleetlists and notify us of any changes.

Use the links at the top of the page, or below, to access the lists:


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