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Fleet Movements

Period 1 West

22052-KX53VNH-Training to Disposal

25206-CN57BYS-Reserve to Disposal

34585-KX04RUW-Swindon to Disposal

34805-PX55EHB-Merseyside to Reserve (Stroud)

34806-PX55EHC-Merseyside to Reserve (Swindon)

34807-PX55EHD-Merseyside to Reserve (Swindon)

47358-SF06OVJ-Swindon to Disposal


Have 10000 & 10001, not listed in the fleetlist, left the fleet or have they been missed out?

Hi Pete. If you click on the column 'Fleet' you will see them listed in date of update order. They have not been remopved they are just listed differently. Hope this helps. Kevin.

Thanks Kevin

Just a quick question. MAN 22090 Manchester (based at Ashton) has been missing from your fleetlist for several months. I live close to Ashton and have seen this several times over the last couple of months in service along with it's sister 22091.

Any idea why this is missing?

RE: 22090

So somebody at some point will have removed the entry for 22090 in error, it can easily be added back in

With all due respect, JM' that isn't the point. 22090 could only "easily" be added back in, if someone in the know was certain of its status. There seems to be a general attitude amongst modern day enthusiasts that, once a bus is slated for withdrawal, it is completely removed from the relevant fleet list. Stagecoach Manchester currently have a large number of buses in reserve/for disposal, that have been officially withdrawn for months - which combined with the example raised above, probably means up to 100 buses still on fleet have been removed from this (and other) lists. Indeed, I would include publishers charging £12-£20 for inaccurate fleet books amongst this criticism.

As an aside, its interesting that 22090 is mentioned as whilst Ashton currently (I think) has the last three MAN/ALXs in SGM pax service, 22090 is the only one I have seen regularly in the last year or so. I haven't seen 22091 for some considerable time, and the third example (22056) is also increasingly least off-peak.


Perhaps there should be an appendix to include buses recently sold or otherwise disposed of by Stagecoach etc. This could maybe have a shelf life of 3 months after the bus actually leaves the initial Operators premises - NOT three months after its sold "on paper".