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Fleet Movements


Not sure building/assembly factory can be taken from registration number. We have Falkirk built vehicles with YN plates and Scarborough built buses with SN plates!


It's normally to do with the chassis. YN plates are nearly always Scania.

26141-26145 Have been delivered and all are in stockport. They was delivered to celebrate the sponsorship of brinningtons football team, hence why there always on the 325.

I don't know why 36100-36104 are in Cumbria when 36104 just went past me on my estate in stockport. It also quite regular that they can be seen operating in stockport.

Why does it say loads of enviro 200 buses in Manchester have gone in reserve 36422 to 36427. I was on 36423 today.

@Harrison I've emailed stagecoach Manchester because there must be something telling them that these buses are moving depot. I haven't seen some of these buses in stockport for a while. Ashton got a Enviro 300 27825 but apart from that I don't know.

I'm afraid the new format doesn't lend itself to checking large numbers of the fleet at once. However, I have picked up a few errors/presumptions. Firstly, partially in answer to the two posts above regarding Stagecoach Manchester; A number of E200s  were officially placed in reserve very briefly at Easter coinciding with service changes. Of these 36416-21 moved to Sharston, with 36423-7 staying at Ashton. 36422/8 moved to/stayed at Stockport and remained in service throughput the Summer. Indeed, I saw 36422/8 in the space of a couple of minutes whilst in Stockport last Wednesday. I don't know why they are still listed as in reserve "for future tenders" on the Allocation list as TFGM do not award tenders with very long lead in times. Indeed, Stagecoach have had a moderate net loss of tenders in terms of bus requirement since April and there are no significant changes to tenders in September.

Also, as regards the E400s from Barnsley, whilst it is confirmed 19563-5 have arrived in Manchester and there is an unconfirmed report of 19562 being here as well, there hasn't been any reports of 19566 yet. Certainly - and despite a large Metrolink replacement contract last week and this - there is no sign of them being allocated to specific depots, and I would think it will be September before they enter service, now - to inderectly resource a increase in MagicBus PVR.


Hi,i wonder if anyone can help me please,I am looking to view what I consider are the remains of 12055,but haven't a clue where it is an Hyde Rd have told me the same .as far as I am aware its not at Bryn either ,any ideas please?Thanks John.

Although it has been off the road for some while, I've not heard any suggestion that 12055 is being/has been scrapped. It was last reported at Bryn, but since the 610 service no longer runs to/through the depot, reports from there have been very sparse regarding withdrawn vehicles. As a side issue, I note 22582 (reserve) and 22586/7 (in service) are all on the fleet list as developments from yesterday. However, AFAIK 22582 has been in reserve for a long time and 22586/7 have never been withdrawn - or at least were only in reserve briefly some months ago.